The following are resources that have been generated from past Study Groups:

Report from “Building Strong Parent Teacher Partnerships” Study Group

Download this word file to read the Parent Teacher Study Group report from this study group that met in 2005. This study group met in the Fall through Spring of 2005, and was composed of 6 parents and 6 teachers from the San Francisco Unified School District. This dynamic group of individuals explored the barried and solutions related to the issue of building parent teacher relationship founded on trust and respect. This report is prelimary, but gives a strong summary of our findings and a quick sketch of potential solutions.

Resources on Critical Pedagogy

This website of resources and teaching ideas were developed from a t4sj study group and the work at June Jordan School for Equity in San Francisco.

Narrative writing with a Critical Perspective: Shadows to Light

These resources were developed to support a workshop by t4sj core members, and  June Jordan School for Equity students and teachers.