2012-2013 Study Groups

Study Groups provide teachers with focused, peer-based professional development opportunities that are tied to existing classroom practice, instead of one-shot “training” workshops that happen in isolation. Curriculum is built around investigation of a specific topic through research and personal experience.  Study Groups meet for seven sessions or more, starting in October 2012, in the evenings. Attendance is mandatory and a warm dinner is provided at each meeting.

Sign up for a Study Group!  The Study Groups are listed below, and online registration will begin after the 2012 T4SJ conference.  To learn more about individual Study Groups, including calendar or meetings, and/or sign up, click on the title below:

Beginning Educators Study Group
This group will create a space for beginning classroom and after school educators to
discuss and develop their best strategies for addressing the diversity of needs in their
classroom, including management and community building. Participants will evaluate
their teaching and analyze how much of their instruction utilizes students’ strengths
and/or weaknesses. Activities will include participant evaluation of classroom space
and role-plays of classroom conflict, as well as community-building exercises to be
used in both peer- and student-spaces.

T4SJ Book Club 
Teachers in this group will use literature and the discussions of this literature as a
basis for rethinking their actions in the classroom. Teachers will alternate reading
fiction and non-fiction monthly. We will gather to hold a structured discussion using a
protocol that allows every voice to be heard and every topic or question a participant
brings to be examined. As an educator book club, we’ll make what could be difficult to
do solo engaging, collaborative, reflective and fun.

T4SJ Salons 
This year T4SJ will run a series of one night discussions. Come to one, come to
every other salon, or become a regular. We’ll have dinner, drinks and time to
talk. Discussion will be based on a scholarly or timely article concerning social
justice or critical pedagogy. Though the article will be available beforehand, we’ll
have a short chance to read and a longer opportunity to talk as we construct
deeper insights and connections to our work.