Beginning Educators Study Group 2012-13

Beginning Educators Study Group
This group will create a space for beginning classroom and after school educators to
discuss and develop their best strategies for addressing the diversity of needs in their
classroom, including management and community building. Participants will evaluate
their teaching and analyze how much of their instruction utilizes students’ strengths
and/or weaknesses. Activities will include participant evaluation of classroom space
and role-plays of classroom conflict, as well as community-building exercises to be
used in both peer- and student-spaces.

  • Small in size – this group will be no larger than 10 participants.
  • This group will be run using activities and facilitation techniques that could be used with your students.
  • Location details will be shared upon registration (meetings will be held in San Francisco).
  • We will work together to decide what topics are covered.


  1. Must commit to attending all sessions.  Attendance is essential to maintain community and momentum for the group.
  2. This study group is open to any educator who works with children or adults, either during the day or after school.

All times are 6-8:30. Dates include:



To register please contact lianakoehler at gmail