T4SJ Salons 2012-13

T4SJ Salons 
This year T4SJ will run a series of one night discussions. Come to one, come to
every other salon, or become a regular. We’ll have dinner, drinks and time to
talk. Discussion will be based on a scholarly or timely article concerning social
justice or critical pedagogy. Though the article will be available beforehand, we’ll
have a short chance to read and a longer opportunity to talk as we construct
deeper insights and connections to our work.

To sign up for a Salon, make sure you are on the t4sj mailing list where we’ll blast updates.  To register for the dates below please click this email link.

Nov. 29th, 6pm

t4sj’s first salon discussed “A Barrio pedagogy: identity, intellectualism, activism, and academic achievement through the evolution of critically compassionate intellectualism.”  One of the three authors, Sean Arce, was this year’s keynote at the t4sj conference and is a key activist in the struggle for Mexican American studies in Tuscon.  The article highlights the work within the Mexican American studies program with key concepts and strategies for our work here in the Bay Area.

Jan. 24, 6pm

We will be reading an article by Henry Giroux, “Teachers as Transformatory Intellectuals.” The article addresses the potential of teachers to re-imagine their roles in an era of de-skilling and marginalization of teachers in education reform.  RSVP required.

Feb. 28, 6pm

March 28, 6pm

April 25, 6pm