Study Groups, 2013-2014

Study Groups provide teachers with focused, peer-based professional development opportunities that are tied to existing classroom practice, instead of one-shot “training” workshops that happen in isolation. Curriculum is built around investigation of a specific topic through research and personal experience.  Most Study Groups meet for seven sessions or more, starting in October 2013, in the evenings. Dinner is included for each meeting.  Salons are the exception to this, and take place in one evening.

All Study Groups/Salons are launching after the October 2013 Teaching for Social Justice conference.  We use the conference to springboard into our study groups/salon rotation – you can register for the groups at the conference or by emailing Study Group facilitators directly. *Only register for study groups where you know you can attend every session!


This year T4SJ will run a series of one night discussions. Come to one, come to
a couple, or become a regular. We’ll have dinner, drinks and time to
talk. Discussion will be based on a scholarly or timely article concerning social
justice or critical pedagogy. Though the article will be available beforehand, we’ll
have a short chance to read and a longer opportunity to talk as we construct
deeper insights and connections to our work.

New folks always welcomed. TO RSVP click on the date: 11/14, 12/11, 1/23, 2/12, 3/12, 4/24

Time: 6-8pm
Location: SF — TBA (you must RSVP  for each date you plan to attend to receive a  location)

Beginning Teacher Support *Registration is closed.  Look for us next year.

This group will create a space for beginning classroom and after school educators to discuss their practice and some of the issues that educators face, especially when young in their practice including classroom management, discipline and community building.  Facilitators: Jeremiah Jeffries, Kevin Odle and Mai-Tien Nguyen.

Dates: 11/13, 12/5, 1/8, 2/6, 3/6, 4/9, 5/1
Time: 5:30pm-7:30pm
Location: TBA- Please RSVP for location (SF -Mission Neighborhood, near BART).

*Only register for this study group if you know you can attend every session listed!

Book Club *Registration is closed.  Look for us next year.

Teachers in this group will use literature and the discussions of this literature as a
basis for rethinking their actions in the classroom. Teachers will alternate reading
fiction and non-fiction monthly. We will gather to hold a structured discussion using a
protocol that allows every voice to be heard and every topic or question a participant
brings to be examined. As an educator book club, we’ll make what could be difficult to
do solo engaging, collaborative, reflective and fun.

Dates: 11/7 (Paul Gorsky, “The Myth of the Culture of Poverty,” and McKenzie and Scheurich, “Equity Traps”), 12/5 (Will Grayson, Will Grayson), 1/9 (The Boy Who Was Raised as a Dog), 2/13 (Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Diary), 3/6 (Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome), 4/10 (Divergent), 5/8 (Crank)
Time: 6:30pm-8:30pm
Location: SF (TBA) 

Social Justice Writing *Registration is closed.  Look for us next year.

In this group, participants will examine models of teacher-written articles and workshop their own original pieces that reflect their classrooms, community struggles and/or the larger political context, with the goal of publishing these pieces for a larger audience. We will look at personal writing, blogs, news and magazine articles, and think about how we, as educators, can make our voices and our stories heard in the larger dialogue about education. This group will meet once a month, and participants will workshop one final, professional-quality piece by the end of the year.  Facilitators: Grace Gonzales is a bilingual Kindergarten teacher in SFUSD and an Editorial Associate at Rethinking Schools Magazine.  Mike Tinoco is a high school English teacher from San Jose who works in the ESUHSD and with the San Jose Area Writing Project..

Dates: 11/14, 12/12, 1/9, 2/13,  3/13, 4/10, 5/8
Time:  6pm-8pm
Location: SF (TBA) 

*Only register for this study group if you know you can attend every session listed!

Another School is Possible

This group is currently closed to new members but continues to be a space for visioning and building a new school representing the vision of t4sj and the community