T4SJ Book Club 2011-12

This Study Group is for those who love to read and discuss books!

Teachers in this group will use literature and the discussions of this literature as a basis for rethinking their actions in the classroom.  Teachers will alternate reading fiction and non-fiction monthly.  We will gather to hold a structured discussion using a protocol that allows every voice to be heard and every topic or question a participant brings to be examined.  As an educator book club, we’ll make what could be difficult to do solo engaging, collaborative, reflective and fun.

Facilitated by Chalida Anusasananan, English Teacher at Mission High School and Grace Cornell, First Grade Teacher in Oakland.

Some basic information about the group:

  • Small in size – this group will be no larger than 12 participants.  We are asking for everyone to commit to attending all sessions (dates listed below).
  • This group will be run using protocols that could be used with professional colleagues and/or high school students.
  • Each session will be held at the Study Group facilitator’s home.  Dinner will be provided.  Please bring a beverage to share.
  • Participants will have input in book selections.  After the first session, a syllabus will be developed for the non-fiction texts.  Voting will occur monthly for the fiction texts.
  1. Must commit to attending all sessions.
  2. This study group is open to any educator who works with children or adults.
  3. This group is open to 12 individuals.
     This study group will be held on the first Tuesday of every month (except for January)
  1.      11/1/11
  2.      12/6/11
  3.      2/7/11
  4.      3/6/11
  5.      4/3/11
  6.      5/1/11