Our statement on ADA accessibility

Commitment to Increased Access

Over the last several years we have tried to attend to issues of (dis)abilities and have been working to increase our own knowledge, and to then improve access at the conference and other t4sj events.  Additionally, although we have always believed in holding our annual conference in a public school, this decision has brought challenges for equitable access.  We look forward to further dialogue with the larger community about additional steps to make our organization and its events more inclusive for all.

ASL interpreters will be on hand during the conference for keynote presentations. We are still working on expanding that option for, workshops, and other parts of the day. Please let us know beforehand if you require ASL interpretation so we can gauge the need within our education community. Also if you know of no-cost to low cost resources to provide ASL interpretation throughout he conference, please let us know at via email.
The event is wheelchair accessible. There is a ramp outside the building and there are elevators inside the building.
A point person for accessibility will be on hand during the morning registration time and throughout the day. Space will also be reserved for participants with accessibility needs during workshops.

Concrete steps taken for improved physical accessibility at this year’s conference include:

  • ASL interpretation will be available for morning and afternoon keynote address
  • Improved access to elevators through volunteers stationed all day at each elevator
  • Accessibility information included in the program
  • Priority Seating- three reserved chairs in each workshop.  In the past, many workshops have been overflowing.  This strategy is to reserve space for participants who require a seat.

Continued Limitations:

We have yet to meet needs for improved accessibility in regards to sight and hearing.  We welcome community support* as we work to make the t4sj conference work for all educators.  Please join us at a general meeting, or contact us through email.

In solidarity,


*Special thanks to NYCore- New York Collective of Radical Educators for their leadership in addressing ADA assesibility needs at their conference which served as a model for our statement.