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Flashpoints Radio: “The Battle For Public Education In The 21st Century”

This dynamic 15-part series examines the past, present and future of public education, from the approach of Native Americans prior to the arrival of European invaders to the battles of the past two decades to shape U.S. education in this century. The series is organized around four guiding questions:

  • How can we understand the history of the public education system in the U.S. through a social justice lens?
  • What is the current corporate agenda for education and who directs it?
  • How has the corporate education agenda impacted students, educators, schools and communities, and how are these impacts differentiated based on power and privilege?
  • What would a socially just educational system look like, and who is working to build it.

The series was broadcast by Flashpoints, an award-winning, nationally syndicated news magazine on Pacifica Radio.