Nov 14: Unsettling Settler Colonialism

Saturday, November 14, 2020 – 2 pm-4 pm PST

Thanks to all who joined us on Saturday. A recording of this webinar is available on our YouTube channel.

Full-length photo of Charlene with a smiling Penobscot youth.
Charlene is smiling, wearing a maroon hat and matching scarf, a black and white hoodie and a long black skirt. Her silver hair is visible under her hat and she has glasses. Beside her is a non-binary child in a Halloween costume that looks like a pink Barbie Doll box.

Auntie Charlene Francis – (she/her) Penobscot & Ojibway – Presenter

My name is wahbahzhiishii Marten of the Fisher/Bear Clans, a member of the Penobscot Nation, a mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, maybe even the greatest.  Grin.  Ii am also a member of the three fires mide lodge in Wisconsin.

I was employed by Flint Community Schools during the 70’s as a Resource Person for Title IV, Part A, better known as Indian Education.  I was also the director of the environmental and survival skills for inner city Native students, grades 7-12.  One of the responsibilities as a Resource Person was to provide culturally sensitive training to educators and future educators and even social workers now and again.

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Photo of Mariposa sitting on a block of hay in front of a sign with the letters HOO-ray! next to a child dressed as Spinel, a crystal gem.  Mariposa does cos-play being Steven Universe wears a dark haired curly wig, a covid- facemask, and a red shirt with a gold star on it, with a rose quartz belly.

Mariposa (they/them) – Mohawk & Southern Tagalog (Pilipino) – Co-MC & Presenter

Mariposa is Indigenous feminist, parent, poet/writer/organizer, 2spirit, speaker and anti-colonial. Creator of #twospiritstorytime, an organizer in #paintitdown of LOWMurals.

Booklist of Children Picture Books by Indigenous Authors

Booklist of 2SLGBTQ+ & BIPOC Children Picture Books

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Photo of Dawn from the shoulders up. Dawn is smiling,.  wearing a red top, red lipstick, and a beaded headband beaded in black, red, white, and teal design that crosses Dawn’s forehead over long,  black, and curly hair.  In the cream background, the partial face of a young person smiles from behind Dawn’s shoulder.

Dawn Neptune Adams (she/they) – Penobscot – Presenter

Dawn Neptune Adams is a member of the Penobscot Nation, a Journalist with Sunlight Media Collective, and, among other things, a Racial Justice Consultant to the Peace & Justice Center of Eastern Maine.  When not battling polluters, plutocrats, and patriarchy, Dawn spends her time raising a pre-teen and building fine furniture. She dreams of a day when we can all eat Salmon from the Penobscot River and live together in peace.

Sunlight Media Collective

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Firefly (he/him) – Penobscot

Firefly is a Native American and Swedish Hybrid, born and raised in ancient Wabanaki Territory. Deeply influenced by the traditions of his people, Firefly performs both traditional hand drum, shaker and vocal songs as well as cutting edge musical compositions rooted in his ancestral traditions.


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Photo of Farima Pour-Khorshid smiling with caramel colored skin, black and red hair and her head is tilted toward the right.

Dr. Farima Pour-Khorshid (she/her) – MC

Farima Pour-Khorshid is a former elementary school teacher and now serves as a professor at the University of San Francisco. She is also a grassroots organizer with the Teachers 4 Social Justice and a board member for the Education for Liberation Network, the Abolitionist Teaching Network, Abundant Beginnings and Quetzal Education Consulting.

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Registrants will receive the opportunity to view the Emmy Award Winning documentary film Dawnland for free. A Teachers’ Guide and Viewer’s Guide are also available for download.