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New Media:

Teachers 4 Social Justice Youtube Channel 

This dynamic 15 part radio series on Flashpoints Radio, examines the past, present & future of public education through a social justice perspective. The series is organized around four guiding questions: How can we understand the history of the public education system in the U.S. through a social justice lens?What is the current corporate agenda for education and who directs it?How has the corporate education agenda impacted students, educators, schools and communities, and how are these impacts differentiated based on power and privilege?What would a socially just educational system look like, and who is working to build it?

Critical Writings from our work:

Read our statement and additional resources
in support of Black Lives

Solutions to Police Brutality- Ending Murder in the Name of the Law
A call to action that offers concrete solutions to address police brutality and the abuse of power within the institution of law enforcement.

A Letter in  support of AROC & Anti-racist Orgs
A call to action that to address the attacks on the Arab Resource Organizing Center (AROC) & Vietnamese Youth Development Center (VYDC) work on language pathways for Arabic & Vietnamese speaking students and families.

Conference Keynotes:

2015 Teachers 4 Social Justice Conference Keynote- Kevin Kumashiro Part 1 & Part 2
Challenging a Culture for Violence. How do we do that? Why should we do that?

2010 Teachers 4 Social Justice Conference Keynote- Derrick Smith
What does it mean to be an educator for social justice? How is being a reflective and self critical social justice educator critical to teaching and being an effective educator.

2013 Teachers 4 Social Justice Conference Keynote- June Jordan School of Equity
What does social justice in the classroom and in a school look like? June Jordan High School for Equity in San Francisco presents a series of video clips with teachers addressing various issues and sharing their pedagogy in making social justice real. This presentation includes the voices of students and faculty of June Jordan High School for Equity.

Older Media:

A World of Possibilities: Failing Our Kids, Failing Our Future- Reversing the Decline of CA Public Schools
Failing Our Kids, Failing Our Future: Reversing the Decline of California’s Public Schools, aired on A World of Possibilities May 22, 2007, Narrated by Mark Sommer & Journalist Lisa Morehouse. Public education is in trouble and nowhere more so than in grades K-12 in California.  Join us to examine California’s failing report card and to consider what it would take to create an educational system worthy of the Golden State’s innovative tradition.

(ISEEED): David Stovall- Tough Times, Resistance, Real Talk
University of San Francisco, Urban Education & Social Justice
T4SJ was thrilled to cohost this event with the Institute for Sustainable Economic, Educational & Environmental Design
See photos by Jose Sody:Photo Slide Show of USF_UESJ David Stovall 20I2 @ ISEEED
This is an amazing video of “Young, Gifted & Black & Black Gold” For more Information  visit: ISEEED

Theoretical Wrestling: Teaching Towards Liberation Workshop
This workshop was given the 10th Annual T4SJ Conference in 2010. Students Loren Dangerfield, Kimberly Buckley, Kavina McCoy, Sintia Henriquez, Roger Davila were freshman, sophomores and juniors at June Jordan School for Equity in San Francisco.