Conference Resource Fair- Request for Vendor/Org space

Each year dozens of non-profit businesses, curriculum resource companies, book publishers and individuals are give space at our Resource Fair. Orgs/Vendors are lined up along the hallways and participants can browse during
break times or on their way to lunch & throughout the day.
 To request a space to table for your organization or business complete this Request for Space to Table Form.
The DEADLINE to Request Org/Vendor Space is Sept. 27th, 2019!
Space is limited so apply today! You will hear back on the status of your application for vendor/org space in the resource fair on the following dates depending on when you apply by: Sept. 9th, Sept. 23rd and Sept. 30th.
Table space area for each org/vendor is 4ft. x 4 ft. Space is limited.
If you need more space let us know on your registration form and we will do our best to work with you.
 You must bring your own table and chair!
*We do not charge for the space, but ask that every organization/vendor who are selling items donate $50 or more if they can  and other orgs and vendors may also make a donation or give an equivalent value gift item for the organization. Please avoid gifts that are organization or product ad/logo items and items that are out-dated. Gift certificates, event tickets, club/art memberships &  technology, etc. are welcomed as a donation. We want no barriers to our educators accessing quality resources and every donation helps cover the cost of the conference and our other free events throughout the year !
*T4SJ believes that public schools are one of the best vehicles for social justice and to transform our world into a more equitable place.  On-going efforts to privatize, segregate and undermine access to public education through corporate reform models, including the proliferation of charter schools, is problematic and something we all must stand up to.  We will not allow charter schools or their corporate backers to participate in our events and activities. Our public spaces are too important to give up. If you are a community based charter that meets a need that is not fulfilled by our public schools we will consider your participation on a case by case manner. We will continue to welcome, engage and dialogue with educators in charter schools and welcome them to our events and within our organization.
In dialogue and solidarity, T4SJ