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June Jordan Organization for  Equity:

Executive Director:  –  Deadline: April 4th, 2012

*T4SJ believes that public schools are one of the best vehicles for social justice and to transform our world into a more equitable place.  On-going efforts to privatize, segregate and undermine access to public education through corporate reform models, including the proliferation of charter schools, is problematic and something we all must stand up to.  We will not allow charter schools or their corporate backers to participate in our events and activities. Our public spaces are too important to give up. If you are a community based charter that meets a need that is not fulfilled by our public schools we will consider your participation on a case by case manner. We will continue to welcome, engage and dialogue with educators in charter schools and welcome them to our events and within our organization.
In dialogue and solidarity, T4SJ

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  1. Apply to become a digital facilitator with The Experiment Digital: Youth Leadership & Community Service and other virtual youth programs such as the Iraqi Young Leaders Exchange Program (IYLEP) in summer 2021!

    The Experiment Digital: Youth Leadership & Community Service will connect high school participants ages 14-18 from the Middle East, North Africa, and the United States. The IYLEP High school programs will connect high school participants ages 14-18 in Iraq and the United States (the IYLEP Arabic program conducted entirely in Arabic), and the IYLEP undergraduate program will connect participants aged 18-22 in Iraq and the United States.

    This position requires 7-10 hours per week between June 1 – August 22. Learn more about the digital facilitator position, including responsibilities, qualifications and frequently asked questions, at and apply by March 14.

  2. Hiring Village Leaders and Masters of Fun and Games!

    We are currently hiring new staff for the 2020 season, and hoping to find an awesome team of people. We have had successful and wonderful leaders from many different fields of study. We’re currently recruiting for our team and looking for strong leaders who love children, the outdoors, and who are self-motivated and playful! We believe the students enrolled in your programs may be the perfect fit!  Camp Augusta has the longest staff training in the country covering topics such as child development through play, success counseling and non-violent communication. We offer activities from circus, to ziplines, to lampworking, to blacksmithing! Campers and staff are also given an unprecedented level of control over their days, and are given the tools to follow their dreams and enthusiasm. Here is our website with more information on the staff experience and open positions:   

  3. Techbridge Girls:

    Program Manager, Training & Quality:

    Looking for an equity and social justice educator to train and support our west coast teachers as they implement hands-on STEM. As this is being posted, we are working on a new STEM curriculum that embraces a STEM counternarrative, cultural relevance, community responsiveness, and critical youth development. Let’s create afterschool STEM education that is in alignment with our goals as critical educators in other disciplines!

  4. Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation (TNDC) in San Francisco, CA is hiring two Community Learning Specialists! Under the supervision of the Senior Program Supervisor – Academics, this position will serve as a key contributor in our Community Learning Hub Initiative and integral member of the TASP (Tenderloin After School Program) team. This position will primarily oversee the distance learning support component of the TASP Community Learning pods (two groups of 14 participants) to ensure participants can fully engage in distance learning in a supported and responsive community learning environment.

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